The Bone Age

goodbye_horse_ballsgoodbyegbhGoodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses, 2017

Apoxie sculpt, plasticine, glitter, aluminum, expanding foam

37 x 21 x 65

Modeled after the horse in the hellenistic bronze called Jockey of Artemision. The title comes from the song by Q Lazzarus.


Shaman, 2017

Plasticine, faux fur, fox bones, fox teeth, kitchen foil, string, wood, aluminum
59 x 49 x 55

Modeled after an image I found in the Brevis Narratio.

The tinfoil hat is to prevent mind reading and the string which holds his beard on shows that he has a hidden identity.

Seated Crayola ManSeated Crayola Man

Seated Crayola Man, 2016

Plasticine, aluminum, apoxie sculpt, glitter, mdf

55 x 30 x 46

modeled after the Hellenistic greek bronze called Boxer at Rest. Installed on an unfinished mdf plinth.

Welcome to the Bone Age with Dippy

Journey to the Bone Age and Dippy, 2017

Apoxie sculpt, plasticine, aluminum, glitter, kitchen foil
63 x 49 x 188

Modeled after Dippy the Diplodocus

Sculpting Stand

Sculpting Stand, 2017

Apoxie sculpt, plasticine, glitter, aluminum
118 x 52 x 44

Modeled after a Tiranti modelling stand using armature building techniques.

you can have it allyou can have it allimg_1954

Untitled, 2017

Apoxie Sculpt, Das Clay, plasticine, glitter, aluminum, plywood, taxidermy, climbing holds

A climbing wall for a mountain, the carcass of a serpent guards hand made plasticine coins, the magpie picks at the skeleton of the guardian reptile- These are mythologies that I am appropriating and adapting. The serpent and a single magpie are associated with the devil.


From places which form scabs and polite behavior, 2017

Apoxie Sculpt, plasticine, glitter, plaster, balsa wood, plastic


From places which form scabs and polite behavior, 2017

Apoxie Sculpt, plasticine, glitter

Bone Age

Untitled, 2017

Apoxie Sculpt, bronze dust, fox bone, thread, faux fur, paint

Victorious Youth

Victorious Youth, 2016

A bronze modeled after the Getty Bronze which was rediscovered when an Italian fisherman found it in his nets. It was made during a summer research project with the University of South Florida.