Mobile Tea Unit, 2018

aluminum, steel, copper, glass tank, plastic, castor wheels, fire extinguisher, leak test fluid, propane burner and fuel container


Magpie cast in iron, 2018

taxidermied magpie cast in Iron. Gates and sprues were left intact and sculpture was oxidized

Iron CoolerIron Cooler

Styrofoam cooler cast in iron, 2017

Made by pouring Iron into a polystyrene cooler which was encased in sand.

30 x 33 x 23.5

Rusty Dilbertrusty butt

Rusty Dilbert, 2016

mild steel

107 x 53 x 56

Laser cut steel sheet metal. Welded and left to rust.


I threw it on the ground and I’m not going to be apart of your system, 2016

ceramics, oak, electronics

plow, wood carving, legs

Plow, 2016

poplar, hand plow