Mission Oriented Science


Satellites of Love

Apoxie Sculpt, plasticine, glitter, aluminum foil, armature wire, plastic, fishing line

The result of a workshop which was supported by my fellow MFA graduate students and friends. The work was exhibited at the 2018 Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show.

Satellites of Love

Big Flacon RocketBFRBFR air brakes and fins of the spacecraft

Big Falcon Rocket

cardboard, apoxie sculpt, plasticine, glitter, marble dust, aluminum

203 x 60 x60

Modeled after the SpaceX concept for a deep space exploration vehicle.

Tiny Rocket Big Thrust

Tiny Rocket Big Thrust

expanding foam, cardboard, apoxie sculpt, plasticine, glitter, aluminum

127 x 40 x 40

Modeled after the escape module on NASA’s Ares series of rockets.

Staff of the International Space ShamanStaff of the International Space Shaman

Staff for the International Space Shaman

apoxie sculpt, plasticine, glitter, aluminum, wood, foil

227 x 36 x 36

The staff has a removable Tesla logo at the top and a flat earth map as a base.